Thank you for visiting the BTM, KAIST College of Business.

The School of Business and Technology Management (BTM) aims to equip students with comprehensive knowledge in business, economics, and entrepreneurship so that they can be better prepared in becoming a global leader. BTM was established by merging the Business Economic Program (BEP) of KAIST and the School of IT Management of the Information and Communications University (ICU) in 2009. Since its inception, BTM has been devoted to research and education to challenge the economic and societal problems faced by humankind, including job creation, population aging, and energy consumption, by integrating technological innovation and business knowledge. BTM researches effective management and application of innovations and resources for economic and social value creation.

BTM gives the students excellent opportunities to learn from outstanding professors and professionals in various fields. Especially, professionals who have hands-on experience help students to get a better understanding of the situation in the area and improve their abilities to become a creative problem-solver. BTM has endeavored to provide opportunities with students to participate in various research and academic activities to build domestic and international networks between industry, academy, and research institute, which allows students’ future success as global leaders.

Hangjung Zo

Head of School of Business and Technology Management