The School of Business and Technology Management aims to equip students with comprehensive knowledge

In business, economics, and entrepreneurship so that they can be better prepared in becoming a global leader. The Department of Management Science was established by integrating Business Economic Program of KAIST and IT Management of ICU in 2009 and renamed as the School of Business and Technology Management in 2013. It is not just simply changing the name, but the educational contents of the department has become intense in order to meet the needs of the invigoration of startup business and to cope with economic problems facing mankind including creation of employment, population aging, and energy exhaustion by integrating technology innovation and business knowledge.

Our department gives the students a great opportunity to learn from the outstanding professors and professionals in various fields. Especially, professionals who have hands-on experience help students to get a better understanding of situation in the field and improve their abilities to become a creative problem-solver.

Future success of South Korea will depend on how well faculties in the School of Business and Technology Management teach young students based on research findings. Therefore, the School of Business and Technology Management conduct research on business and technical education as well as efficient management and application of innovation and resources for economic and social value creation. The School of Business and Technology Management has endeavored to provide opportunities for students to participate in research and academic activities abroad based on support of excellent faculties and to build network between industry, academy, and research institute which allows students’ future success as industry leaders.

Zo, Hangjung

Zo, Hangjung

Head of School of Business and Technology Management