“We aim to educate human talent to solve problems facing humanity and nation.”

Four Major Goals of the School of Business and Technology Management

  • Promoting Core Competence

  • Academic Excellence

  • Excellence in Applications

  • Successful Partnership with S&T


“We foster creative and convergence-oriented global business leaders to satiate the needs of
society as the rapid improvement of science, industry convergence, and the emergence and
successful commercialization of new technology determine the welfare of the country.”

BTM strives to help our students become top business managers who pursue the following three objectives.

  • Global Agenda Setter
    Global Agenda

    Determine the problems that society needs to tackle using a combination of engineering, science, and management knowledge and lead a team of experts to solve them.

  • Strategic Entrepreneur

    Identify and shape market opportunities to promote economic and social development of society.

  • Market Innovator

    Lead the creation of new jobs and markets through the development of creative ideas and new businesses.