Tuition Waver and Student Financial Aid

Students entering KAIST BTM will receive scholarship in the form of financial aid, in return for a small charge of tuition and dues for a school-supporting association. For those who want to participate in numerous research activities, additional research support fund may be available, since we’ll provide our best support so as to allow students to perform their best ability.

Research Fund Support

For those working towards master’s degree or doctor’s degree, the school supports research fund in order to raise their research performance. Students in master’s course will receive research fund for their research paper, and students in doctor’s course will additionally receive research fund for research activities for three years after their entrance.

Research Environment

Each laboratory is always open for the students. A number of seminar rooms and meeting rooms are available as well, to provide the best research environment for the students

Dual Degree Program

Including Telecom & Management SudParis University, KAIST BTM will extend the list of exchange educational institutions to allow dual degree program. For instance, the degree received from TMS is Master of Science in International Management. Without any additional fee from TMS, dual degree of KAIST and TMS will be granted once the thesis passes the examination.

Exchange Student Program

Students of KAIST BTM may apply for exchange student program for the approximately 70 different international partner schools. For further information, visit (KAIST International Relations Team)

Internship Program

The student of KAIST BTM may apply for internship programs from leading domestic and international companies or other research institutes in Daedeok Science Town.

Military Privileges

According to the criteria required from KAIST, the military privilege is automatically provided for those who enter the doctor’s course.

The Early Graduation and Combined Master’s and Doctorate Program

Students who satisfy certain performance level may graduate early and apply for the combined master’s and doctorate program during their second semester of the master’s course.

Dormitory System and Student Facilities

The school provides number of dormitory choices for students’ comfortable and pleasant school life. KAIST runs numerous student facilities– GYM, swimming pool, driving range (golf), table tennis room, billiard hall, etc. as well as a number of campus cafeterias.