• 「HIL」 Lee, S., & Ling, L. (2007). “Understanding affectional ties to groups from the perspective of attachment theory”. Research on Managing Groups and Teams (Vol. 10, pp. 217-248)

    Lab: Human Innovation Lab

    Professor: Sujin Lee

    Title: Understanding affectional ties to groups from the perspective of attachment theory

    Authors: Sujin Lee, Leanne Ling

    Journal: Research on Managing Groups and Teams

    Publish: 2007


    Substantial developmental psychology research on attachment theory documents that children with secure affectional ties (attachments) to caregivers are more likely to excel in psychosocial and behavioral performance than their peers with insecure attachments. We review attachment theory and research in the developmental psychology literature and propose causes of secure short-term attachments to workgroups. Whereas traditional attachment research has documented social-emotional antecedents, we propose social-emotional and task-related antecedents of secure attachment to workgroups. Suggestive data are presented to illustrate our propositions. We discuss theoretical and practical contributions of our attachment theory-based perspective on workgroups, as well as areas for future research.


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