• 「NEXYS」 Kim, B. W., Seol, S. H., & Lee, D. H. (2011). “Indirect access to mobile networks: economic effects and policy implications”. Applied Economics Letters, 18(4), 377-381.

    Lab: Network Economy&Complex System

    Professor: Dukhee Lee

    Title: Indirect Access to Mobile   Networks: Economic Effects and Policy Implications

    Authors: Byung Woon Kim, Seong Ho Seol, and Duk Hee Lee

    Journal: Applied Economics Letters

    Publish: 2011


    This study investigates the economic effects that may be expected from the introduction of an indirect access (IA) scheme, a potentially effective tool for stimulating competition, into Korea’s mobile market. We estimate the changes in consumer surplus and operator’s net revenues attributable to the IA system, using actual or estimated market data such as the price elasticity, call traffics, prices and interconnection charges, combined with some competition scenarios. Our results suggest that the increase of consumer surplus by the introduction of an IA scheme would be sizeable, regardless of its type and that is largest under the scheme access charge is regulated on cost-plus basis and mandated for Significant Market Power (SMP) only to provide interconnection service if IA providers (IAP) request.


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