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    1. Reference

    A. Article 55 of Regulations of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Readmission)

    B. Article 5 (2) of Guidelines on Enrollment and Course Registration Procedures (Readmission Procedures)

    2. Refer to the instructions below on application for readmission in spring 2020 for dropouts and expelled students.

    3. Please submit the readmission documents by Friday, December 13, 2019 to the BTM office.


    =     Details     =


    A. Eligibility : Dropouts and expelled students of undergraduate and graduate programs

    B. Deadlines

       1) Submission by Students : Submit to the department/division office by Friday,  December 13, 2019

       2) Evaluation by Departments/divisions : Monday, December 16 ~ Friday, December 27, 2019

       3) Submission of Departments/divisions evaluation result to Academic Registrar’s

          Team : Tuesday, December 31, 2019

    C. Conditions for readmission

       1) Students who belong to the following categories are not eligible for readmission

          – Those who are expelled for exceeding enrollment duration limit. (Up to students enrolled in 2008)

          – Those who are expelled for exceeding enrollment duration limit or who are expelled or voluntarily withdraw after getting enrollment duration limit extended.

            (Starting from students enrolled in 2009)

       2) Readmission is possible after 2 semesters including the semester in which dropping out or expulsion occurred.

    D. Readmission application and review procedures

    Application for readmission

    Department/division review

    Review by Dean of Student Affairs and Policy



    Review by Academic & Research Review Committee

    Approval by Provost






      ※ Readmission with changing of major 


    Application for readmission

    Prepare two copies of each required document, and submit to both the current department and the new department

    ※ In addition to the application for readmission, Future study plan, opinion of advisor on readmission, and academic transcript, applicants seeking readmission to a different department must submit an “application for department transfer”, and undergraduate applicants who have not declared major but decided his/her department must submit a “declaration of major(undergraduate)”.


    division review

    Review by both the current and new departments

    ※ Students who have not declared major shall go through the new department/division review only

    Review by Dean of Student Affairs & Policy (undergraduate students)

    Review by Academic and Research Review Committee

    Approval by Provost


    E. Recommendation for readmission by department/division 

    The candidate is evaluated on academic capacity, remaining number of semesters, and possibility of graduation based on the advisor’s opinion on readmission and future study plan by a three-member review committee consisting of the advisor or department/division head, and department/division professor or a department/division-related committee.

      For undergraduate students, the Dean of Student Affairs and Policy will interview the recommended candidate and results will be announced through the Academic and Research Review Committee.


     F. Required documents for readmission

       1) Application for readmission (prescribed form)_to be submitted by applicant

       2) Future study Plan (prescribed form)_to be submitted by applicant

       3) Opinion of advisor on readmission (prescribed form)_to be submitted by applicant

       4) Academic transcript_to be submitted by applicant

       5) Application for department transfer (prescribed form)_to be submitted by applicant(Chang a major)

       6) Declaration of major(undergraduate) (prescribed form)_to be submitted by applicant(Declare a major)

       7) Recommendation for readmission (form provided)_to be submitted by department

       ※ Students applying for readmission to a different department shall prepare two copies each, and submit to both the current and new departments.

    G. Other matters concerning readmission

       1) Previously earned credits shall be automatically recognized without any separate procedures.

       2) Graduation requirements for readmitted students shall be the same as requirements applied in the initial year of admission.

       3) The prescribed years of study shall be counted from the date of initial admission.

       4) Students readmitted after expulsion due to accumulated academic warnings will  be expelled upon receiving an academic warning.

       5) Students expelled for failing the qualifying exam must pass the exam within one year of readmission, and will face expulsion if requirements are not met. This  period may be extended by up to one semester if a leave of absence is taken.

       6) Students can be readmitted only once, and will only be accepted to the original academic year or lower.

       7) Tuition for readmitted students shall be governed by Rules on Collection of Student Payments.

    Attachment : 1. Instructions on application or readmission (Korean/English)

                       2. Application for readmission

    3. Future Study Plan

    4. Opinion of (prospective) advisor on Readmission

    5. Recommendation for Readmission

    6. Application for department transfer

    7. Declaration of major(undergraduate). End of document.

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