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    In relation to the 2017-1st Curriculum Implementation, please refer to the major changes in BTM curriculum as below.



    * Major Changes in BTM Curriculum_ 2017-1st Curriculum Implementation

    – The credit limit on Special Topics I in BTM (6 credits) is extended to Special Topics II and III in BTM.

    – Students pursuing a double major or a minor in BTM take 9 credits in mandatory major courses, 3 credits which are not required in mandatory major can be counted as elective major Ⅱ.

    – The interim measures for undergraduates in BTM are modified.


    * Major Changes in Graduate School of Innovation and Technology Management

    – “ITM812 Special Topics on High-technology” is established.


    * Major Changes in PCM(Professional Creativity Master’s) Minor Program

    – Module limit is abolished.

    – Mandatory major is changed to “ITM540 Strategy for Innovative Business.”

    – “MSB530 Accounting Principles”, MSB535 “Corporate Finance Theory” are added to the PCM course list.

    – “MSB635 Investment Theory” is removed from the PCM course list.


    * Major Changes in K-School Master of Entrepreneurship & Innovation (BTM)

    – The BTM designated major courses are changed.

    Mandatory major course: MSB510 Innovation Management and Strategy (3 credits)

    Elective courses: major courses of MSB500-level or above (9 credits)


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