• (Undergraduate) Notice for ’19 Feb Graduation ceremony Student rep. Speech application

    2018-12-24 오후 1:29 / by 최진희

    The office of student affairs and policy(Student affairs team) inform you about Graduation ceremony student representative speech.

    KAIST offer and expect the real story from a undergraduate student who get his/her degree this feb ceremony(including, Aug. of 2018 degree earned).

    The student representative’s speech by open competition started from 2014 feb ceremony and gave great inspirations and movements to many people.


    1. Subject of Speech : The moving story as an undergraduate member through KAIST life


    2. Participation welcomed for all undergraduate degree students for the ceremony and recommendations from colleagues and advisor(professor).


    3. Submission period: 2018.12.24.(Mon) ~ 2019. 1.07(Mon)


    4. Reception Desk: Student Affairs Team Cho Jae Young(cjy@kaist.ac.kr)

    submit your contact address and the story or recommendation reason(About 1,000 words)


    5. Select Process

    1) 1st review(Story) : 2019. 1. 10. ~ 2019. 1. 11.

    2) 2nd Interview : About 2019.1.17(Inform individually to interviewee)

    * 2nd interviewee will get an attendance souvenir


    6. The selection standard

    – 1st story selection: Integrity and Suitability of the contents

    – 2nd Interview final: Integrity and presentation result

    * Question to cjy@kaist.ac.kr Student Affairs Team,



    Associate Vice President,

    Office of Student Affairs and Policy


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