• (Undergraduate) Guidelines for 2019 Spring Semester Honor Program Application

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    Honor Program is provided as below for undergraduate students, hoping that many students would participate in it.



    1. Honor Program In order to honor an undergraduate student who is qualified with outstanding grades, the student

    shall be called ‘Honor Student’and able to take the courses of graduate curriculum while being in undergraduate




    2. Honor Student Requirement

    Students who meet the below criteria are eligible to apply.

    Current KAIST undergraduates

    1) who have completed 6 semesters or less(include 2018 Fall Semester)

    2) who have earned below credits as of the semester immediately preceding the application

    – who were admitted in 2015 or before: earned 81 credits or more

    * Advanced Majors and Individually Designed Majors should have earned 85 credits or more despite year of

    their admission.

    – who were admitted in 2016 and onward: earned 85 credits or more

    3) who have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.7

    4) who are recommended by their academic advisor and Department Head

    ※ If the student who entered before 2006 but does not past the regular length of time for study in the Bachelor’s

    Degree Program, is qualified for being an Honor Student(earned 81 or more credits and got GPA of 3.7 or

    above), this can be applied regardless  of ‘the period of enrollment is within 6 semesters.’



    3. Benefits

    1) The Honor Student can take the course of graduate curriculum with an approval of the faculty in charge of the

    course, and the earned course credits through this can be added into the total credits for undergraduate


    2) The earned course credits through the Honor Program in undergraduate program can be counted as the course

    credits of Master’s Degree Program by applying for recognizing the credits until the end date of the final

    enrolled semester for master course.  However, it is only if the total GPA for undergraduate graduation is 3.7 or




    4. Application for Honor Student

    1) Application Period : Monday, Feb. 25 ~ Friday, Mar. 8, 2019  23:59

    2) How to apply : Academic System[Academic Records => Apply school register change => Apply for a Honor

          Program] →  Obtain approval of department official → Obtain approval of department academic advisor

          →  Obtain approval of the  head of department → Students must submit it online before the deadline on

          the Academic System

    (On the deadline, students cannot apply it online. Students must complete the Application(form for the

          deadline) → Obtain signatures of relevant faculty → Submit the form to the Academic Registrar’s Team (ART) by

    6 PM of 8 Mar.)


    ※ Cautionary Measures

    a. Please check your approval status by clicking the “Details on type of status change” button. After obtaining

    approval from all relevant professors and administrative staff, must submit(click) it online before the

              specified deadline.

    b. Please be aware that if you fail to submit by the deadline, your application will be cancelled automatically.



    * For more information please contact : The Academic Registrar’s Team (T.042-350-2364)


    * Attachments : Academic System User Guide(refer to Page 18-19)




    The Academic Registrar’s Team


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