• B.S. Thesis Research for Fall 2023(BTM490)

    2023-07-27 오전 11:54 / by 운영자

    <Notice of the B.S. Thesis Research(BTM 490) for Fall 2023>

    ○ Eligibility: Students who have earned at least 94 credits

     How to apply: please submit the Proposal form in the attached file via email at jyleeb@kaist.ac.kr by 8.18(Fri.)

    ** BTM undergraduate students should complete a total of 4 research credits
       ○ Select one from Practicum Project(3), Internship(3), B.S. Thesis Research(3)
       ○ S&T Biz Colloquium(1) (Required) -International  students  can  substitute  BTM495  Individual  Study (1) for S&T Biz Colloquium

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