• (UNDERGRADUATE) [Research Notice 3] 2020 Fall B.S. Thesis Research

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    In relation to the 2020 Fall Semester B.S. Thesis Research (MSB490),

    students who are interested in the B.S. Thesis Research, please check the schedule below, and submit the application form to the BTM Office (N22 3rd Floor, #302) by August 20, 2020 (Thur).

    SBTM undergraduate students must take one of the research courses for graduation; Practicum Project, Internship, Thesis Research (3 credits) and S&T Biz Colloquium (1 credit).

    * International students can substitute MSB495 Individual Study (1 credit) for S&T Biz Colloquium.Please refer to the details below.



    1. B.S. Thesis Research Guidelines

    (1) Before the beginning of each semester, students must decide the field of study. Afterwards, they will ask a professor in the relevant research area for permission to conduct research under his/her supervision.

    * If students need to change their advisor, they must record it in the Application Form and submit the ‘Application for Change of Advisor’ attached.

    (2) Students submit the ‘Application Form’ before the beginning of the semester to the BTM Office, and register MSB490 in the add/drop period.

    (3) Students carry out the graduation research under the guidance of thesis advisor for a semester.

    (4) Students submit the B.S. thesis to the BTM Office, their Examination Committee on Bachelor Dissertation (thesis advisor, and 2 other members of the committee recommended by the thesis advisor) by the end of May/November

    (5) The Examination Committee on Bachelor Dissertation evaluates the B.S. thesis. (June/December)

    (6) Students submit the Report on Evaluation of Bachelor Dissertation to the BTM Office. (late June/late December)

    (7) Thesis advisor completes the grade entry (period for grade entry)

    If students fail to meet the deadline, a grade of ‘U’ will be given. Refer to the information below for details.

    2. Requirements for B.S. Thesis Application : More than 94 credits

    3. B.S. Thesis Format and Evaluation

    (1) Language : Korean/English

    (2) Final report must be exceed 15 pages or longer (not including the cover page and abstract pages)

    (3) 명조, 신명조, 바탕체, 굴림체/Times New Roman, Arial.

    12 font, 1.5 line space, A4

    Page number: The page number should be placed at the center of the bottom of each page in the main body, Arabic numerals, hyphenated

    Margins: Top 30mm, Bottom, Left and Right 25mm

    (4) Refer to the Samples below for the structure of cover page and main body.

    (5) Evaluation: Students present final report in front of Examination Committee on Bachelor Dissertation. Committee evaluate it afterwards (the way of progress, contents of the thesis, etc.).

    * The presentation day will be notified by BTM Office. (May/November)

    4. 2020 Fall Semester B.S. Thesis Research Timeline

    - Students must submit the documents to BTM Office(N22 1st Floor) and Examination Committee on Bachelor Dissertation by 6p.m. on the due date. (1 copy each, 4 copies total)

    - If students fail to meet the deadline, ‘U’ will be given.



    2020. 7. 21(Tue) ~ 8. 20(Thur)

    Submission of the Application Form

    (Where to submit: BTM Office)

    2020. 8. 24(Mon) ~ 9. 7(Mon)

    Register B.S. Thesis Research on the Academic System (Add/Drop period)

    2020. 10. 27(Tue)

    Submission of Request for Appointment of Examination Committee on Bachelor Dissertation

    (Where to submit : BTM Office)

    2020. 12. 4 (Fri)

    Submission of B.S. Thesis (5 copies)

    (Where to submit : BTM Office, Examination Committee on Bachelor Dissertation)

    2020. 12. 7(Mon) ~ 12. 11 (Fri)

    Examination period of B.S. Thesis

    (Presentation day will be notified by BTM Office)

    ~ 2020. 12. 23 (Thur)

    Submission of report on Evaluation of Bachelor Dissertation

    (Where to submit : BTM Office)

    2020. 12, end of month

    (Period for Grade Entry)

    Completion of grade entry (by advisor)

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