• Academic Forms

    2014-12-23 오전 10:13 / by 최진희

    Please refer to the link below to download the academic forms.



    * Major Academic Forms

    – Application for Studying at a Different University at leave of absence

    (When studying at a different university on vacation or leave of absence)

    – Application for Coursework Credit (Counted as Both Undergraduate and Graduate) Completed in Undergraduate Degree Program

    – Application for Studying at another University/Graduate School at Home/Abroad without Taking Official Leave of Absence

    – Request for Return to School (Undergraduate, Master’s and Doctoral Student)

    – Application for Double Major or Minor

    – Application for Dropping Double Major or Minor

    – Application for Issuing Certification of Coursework Completion

    – Course Add/Drop Application (Undergraduate, Master’s and Doctoral Student)

    – Application for English Course Credit

    – Application for Extension of Academic Period

    – Application for Issuing Certification of Expected Graduation (Undergraduate Student)

    – Credit Transfer Application

    – Application for Issuing Certification of Expected Degree (Master’s and Doctoral Student))

    – Request for Temporary Academic Leave of Absence (Undergraduate, Master’s and Doctoral Student)

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