• ICC Fund for Ph.D Student International Conference Presentation Scholarship

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    1. Purpose
    ❍ To promote research in the field of business technology management and research excellence
    ❍ To enhance the international mentality of Ph.D students and provide opportunities to build networks with renowned foreign researchers

    2. Applicant Requirements
    ❍ A Ph.D student majoring in Business Technology Management who meets the following criteria:
    – BTM Full-Time Ph.D Student (excluding those who exceeded the limit)
    – BTM Brown Bag Seminar Presenter.(Selected if the recommendation of participating professors are over 50%)
    – Applies from 2018 Fall Term Brown Bag Seminar Presenter

    3. Application Requirements
    ❍ Amount: 1 person, 1 time, expenses within 3 million won (Support given for only the length of the conference)
    ❍ If co-authored paper:
    ※ Separate support for students who co-author with a professor
    ※ In the same conference and paper, only one co-author student can obtain support
    ❍ Usage : conference participation fee, round airfare, living costs (work fee, hotel fee, food, insurance)
    ❍ Presented paper notation (KAIST BTM Research Fund, Grant #: YEAR-01)

    4. Procedure
    ❍ Application : Before the conference (at least 30 days) fill out the ‘International Conference Presentation Scholarship Application’and submit it to the faculty office (Room 104)

    5. Required Documents
    ❍ International Conference Presentation Scholarship Application
    ❍ Proof of Conference Presentation: (e-mail, webpage, etc.)
    1. Conference Details : length of conference, time, location, acceptance letter
    2. Presentation Plan: Conference program & presentation schedule (including own session)
    ❍ Evidence of Presentation: (air ticket, conference presentation photo, etc.)

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