[Awards] Excellence Award granted by 2020 Spring Conference KOSES (Jeesun Oh, MoonKoo Kim from Prof. Dukhee Lee)

홈페이지 특성화용

[Awards] Excellence Award granted by19-20 SSK-Networking (Guijung Kim from Prof. Wonjoon Kim)


[Awards] Best Paper Award in the CSR granted by the 2019 Korean Society of Strategic Management (Hyunsoo Kim from Prof. Hyun Ju Jung’s lab)

김현수 학생 수여식사진

[Awards] The 15th Asia-Pacific Regional Conference of the ITS 2019, Student Paper Award (Second Prize) _(JI YOUN PARK from Professor ChanKi Nam’s lab)

박지윤학생 ITS학회 수상_20191101_083510359

[Awards] New Scholar Paper Award granted by the Korean Academic Society of Business Administration and Maekyung (Gi Woong Bae from Professor Hye-jin Kim’s lab)


[Awards] Best Track Paper Award from 11th Asia Academy of Management Conference (Prof. Wonsang Ryu)


[Awards] Best Paper Award from the KOSIME (Guijung Kim, from Prof. Wonjoon Kim’s Lab)

김귀중 학생 수상안내_특성이미지_20190704

[Awards] Best Paper in 2019 AMA Winter Conference (KEEYEON PARK, Giwoong Bae from Prof. Hye-jin Kim’s Lab)


[Awards] Best Paper Award from the KOSIME (Naksuth Pongsatorn, from Prof. JaeYong Choung’s Lab)

Boat 우수논문상 증빙