※ The necessary documents for the application should be submitted by the deadline, so please be in a hurry.

DESCRIPTION Date Where to submit Remarks
1. Application 2020. 04. 03(Fri) 10:00 ~ 04. 14(Tue) 17:30 Online application

Please keep the deadline because we don’t accept applications after the deadline.

2. Deadline Must be stamped of April 16, 2020(Thu) 18:00 The graduated admission team in KAIST admissions office#110 Bldg E16-1, KAIST, 291, Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 34141 Please send the admission team the documents specified in the application guidelines such as the printed copy of your online application and transcript etc. (It must arrive until the deadline.)
3. Documents to be submitted (receipt confirmation period) 2020.04.03(Fri) ~ 04.27(Mon) KAIST admissions website (http://apply.kaist.ac.kr/GradApply) / arrival confirmation of the submitted documents Please check if your application arrives 2 or 3 days after you send it. (We don’t inform you of it individually.)
4. 1st announcement of admission 2020. 05. 14(Thu) 14:00 ~ KAIST admissions website (https://apply.kaist.ac.kr/GradApply)
5. Interview 2020. 05. 18(Mon) ~ 05. 22(Fri) Posting at the time of 1st announcement of admission (document) Please check your interview schedule. (It will be conducted by the department.)
6. Final announcement of admission 2020. 06. 11(Mon) 14:00 ~ KAIST admissions website

※ Some of the schedule can be adjusted.

Recruitment areas

First choice recruitment areas Categories of scholarship students
State scholarship KAIST scholarship General Scholarship
The School of Business and Technology Management The doctor’s course -   ●   ●
The master’s course -   ● -
Start-up master course -   ● -

※ The KAIST scholarship students of the School of Business and Technology Management is the KAIST scholarship students supported by the University and have the same benefit as the State scholarship students.

Categories of scholarship students

  • State scholarship students:whose educational expense in part is supported by KAIST with government contributions .
  • KAIST scholarship students:whose educational expense in part is supported by scholarship, contributions from external institutions, and research fund that are raised by KAIST.
    (If the student’s educational expense is supported by a research fund of a professor, the professor should be the advisor of the student, so the major of the student may be limited according to the advisor’s major.)
  • General scholarship students:whose educational expense in whole or in part is supported by industry, research institutions, educational institutions, state agencies, etc.

Evaluation and interview

  • Document evaluation

:The potential and prospects as an advanced science technician are evaluated mainly with the submitted documents. The applicants may submit the following materials in whole or in part as the evidence of excellence.

Career certificate, published papers, copy of the intellectual property such as patent, evidence of award, major-related works (S/W or H/W) or materials to prove (if the size is big, you can bring it to the interview), evidence of other careers (including leadership or voluntary service for community), advisor’s letters of recommendation, GMAT CAT, GRE transcript, and other evidence to prove the performance and excellence of applicant

  • Interview


:professionalism and personality are evaluated.

※ The credits of the subjects that are completed in the master’s course are not included in the research credit and are added to the credit of the doctor’s course.