PCM Minor Program course requirements download

PCM Minor Program Course Requirements


Mandatory Major Elective


Minor 3 6 or more 9 or more
  • Eligibility: Students in KAIST master’s program
    • College of Business students are not eligible to apply for the PCM Minor Program.
  • Required Credits: at least 9 credits
  • Mandatory Major Course: 3 credits
    • ITM540  Strategy for Innovative Business
  • Elective Course: at least 6 credits

※ Students are required to fulfill 6 credits or more among the 3 modules below; Management, Entrepreneurship, and Data Analysis.

Module Contents Course List
Management Basic knowledge on business & management

MSB536 Marketing for Hi-tech company,

MSB537 Digital Innovation and IT Management,

MSB538 Managing Innovative Organization,

MSB635 Investments Theory,

ITM503 Managerial Economics

Entrepreneurship Management of startups & innovative enterprises

MSB510 Innovation Management and Strategy,

ITM502 Entrepreneurship,

ITM540 Strategy for Innovative Business,

ITM560 Leadership for Innovative Organization,

ITM620 Technology Commercialization Practice,

ITM634 Innovation Ecosystem

Data Analysis Data analysis of business and economic phenomena

MSB500 Advanced Statistics for Management,

MSB601 Research Methodology in Business and Technology Management,

MSB701 Advanced Econometrics,

MSB702 Research Methodologies Ⅱ,

ITM512 Econometrics