• [HTMRC] Lee, E., & Han, S. (2017). Mobile service consumption values: an exploratory mixed-method study. Information Technology and Management, 18(4), 253-264.

    ▥ Lab: HTMRC (Hi-Tech Marketing Research Center)

    ▥ Professor: Euehun Lee

    ▥ Title: “Mobile service consumption values: an exploratory mixed-method study.”

    ▥ Authors: Lee, E., & Han, S

    ▥ Journal: Information Technology and Management

    ▥ Publish: 2017

    ▥ Abstract: We propose mobile service consumption values based on a multi-dimensional value perspective by conducting an exploratory mixed-method design, including focus group interviews and face-to-face intercept surveys. We explored six dimensions of mobile service consumption values: convenience, effectiveness, enjoyment, reassurance, information, and epistemic values. The proposed value dimensions expand the scope of existing value studies by proposing additional or modified value dimensions. These dimensions reflect unique characteristics of mobile service values. In addition, the effects of mobile service consumption values on mobile service uses were examined. The results show that users’ value perceptions significantly influence their intention to use mobile services and that relative importance of value dimensions is different depending on types of mobile services. The exploration and verification of mobile service consumption values contributes theoretically to developing an expanded framework of consumption values in the mobile service field and to further understanding needs and motivations of mobile service users.

    ▥ DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s10799-016-0263-7

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