Graduate Admissions

Application Schedule(For Korean)

: Graduate school admissions process for the fall semester of 2023

Application Early July Early April KAIST admissions website
Application Materials’ arrive at KAIST Mid-July Mid-April The graduated admission team in KAIST admissions office#110 Bldg E16-1, KAIST, 291, Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 34141 Please send the admission team the documents specified in the application guidelines such as the printed copy of your online application and transcript etc. (It must arrive until the deadline.)
1st Announcement of Admission Early August Early May KAIST admissions website
Interview Mid-August Mid-May Posting at the time of 1st announcement of admission Please check your interview schedule.
(It will be conducted by the department.)
Final Announcement of Admission Mid-September Mid-June KAIST admissions website

Recruitment areas

The School of Business and Technology Management The doctor’s course -
The master’s course - -
Start-up master course - -
  • The KAIST scholarship students of the School of Business and Technology Management is the KAIST scholarship students supported by the University and have the same benefit as the State scholarship students.

Categories of scholarship students

  • State scholarship students whose educational expense in part is supported by KAIST with government contributions .
  • KAIST scholarship students whose educational expense in part is supported by scholarship, contributions from external institutions, and research fund that are raised by KAIST.

    (If the student’s educational expense is supported by a research fund of a professor, the professor should be the advisor of the student, so the major of the student may be limited according to the advisor’s major.)

  • General scholarship students whose educational expense in whole or in part is supported by industry, research institutions, educational institutions, state agencies, etc.
  • Admitted students will have one student classification determined by KAIST when the final successful applicants are announced. When applying for admission to KAIST, if adjustments are needed depending on the number of students by research field and student classification for the field of study for which the applicant is applying, they will be given second choice or Please note that you may be recommended for admission as your third choice.

Evaluation and interview

  • Document evaluation The potential and prospects as an advanced science technician are evaluated mainly with the submitted documents. The applicants may submit the following materials in whole or in part as the evidence of excellence.
  • Career certificate, published papers, copy of the intellectual property such as patent, evidence of award, major-related works (S/W or H/W) or materials to prove (if the size is big, you can bring it to the interview), evidence of other careers (including leadership or voluntary service for community), advisor’s letters of recommendation, GMAT CAT, GRE transcript, and other evidence to prove the performance and excellence of applicant

  • Interview professionalism and personality are evaluated.

박사과정 지원 가이드라인

  • KAIST 기술경영학부 박사과정 서류전형을 통과한 지원자는 면접에서 약 10분간 연구계획을 발표해야 합니다. 아래 2번의 항목을 중심으로 연구계획을 준비하고 학과의 안내에 따라 면접에서 발표하시기 바랍니다.

    • 박사과정을 지원하기 전에 희망 지도교수님께 연락하여 박사과정 지도교수를 맡아 주실 의향이 있는지 확인하고 지원서의 지도교수란에 성함을 기재(의무사항)
    • 면접심사에서 발표할 연구계획의 틀(가급적 많은 항목에 대해 준비 및 발표)
    • A
      What is(are) your research question(s)?
    • B
      What is the gap or little understanding in the literature?
    • C
      What are your arguments?
    • D
      Why are they important and what are their contributions? What are novel features?
    • E
      What is your methodology?
    • F
      Provide your roadmap(research plan) of research.
    • G
      How do the School of Business and Technology Management and the Research LAB you chose match with your research?